54. The VSBRO App and What It’s Like to Go Viral (with Andrew Burns)

In this episode of Tent Talks I speak with my former student Andrew Burns about a popular app that he created. Andrew is a rising senior at the University of Connecticut, and a computer science major.  This past spring Andrew and a few of his friends created an app called VSBRO that went viral. The app made it to the top 25 of Apple’s download charts and ranked as high as the third most-popular social media app behind only Facebook and Facebook’s Messenger app.  In this episode Andrew tells me about the process behind creating the app, what it was like to go viral, and why he recently decided to shut the app down.  To learn more, check out the following piece Forbes.com wrote about VSBRO: https://www.forbes.com/sites/abrambrown/2020/05/28/the-internets-frat-house-meet-vsbro-an-app-for-bros-thats-gone-viral/#7c71a0964b33

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