33. Intentionality, Consciousness, and Panpsychism (with Professor Angela Mendelovici)

In this episode of Tent Talks, I speak with Dr. Angela Mendelovici. Dr. Mendelovici is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, having received her PhD in philosophy from Princeton University. Her research is in the philosophy of mind, specifically on intentionality, consciousness, and the relationship between the two. Her most recent book, The Phenomenal Basis of Intentionality, is making waves in the philosophical community. In this episode, Professor Mendelovici and I discuss the contents of her new book, as well as her views on other topics in the philosophy of mind, such as panpsychism (the view that consciousness is fundamental and exists everywhere) and moods and emotions. To learn more about Professor Mendelovici’s work, and to buy her book, visit her personal website at the following link: publish.uwo.ca/~amendel5/

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