22. The Science of Language (with Professor Harry van der Hulst)

In this episode of Tent Talks, I speak with Dr. Harry van der Hulst.  Dr. van der Hulst is full professor of Linguistics and director of undergraduate studies in Linguistics at the University of Connecticut.  He is also, among other things, editor in chief of the peer-reviewed linguistics journal ‘The Linguistic Review’, a lifetime fellow of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, and a board member of the European linguistic organization GLOW.  Professor van der Hulst’s research focuses on phonology, which is a subfield of linguistics that deals with the organization of sounds in languages.

This episode essentially serves as an introduction to linguistics, and in particular, phonology.  I begin by asking Professor van Der hurst some general questions about the nature of language, and then proceed to ask him some more specific questions about phonology.  To learn more about Professor van der Hulst’s work, visit his Wikipedia page or his website at the following links:



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